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Introducing the renewed Van den Bosch

We believe bulk logistics is not just about quantities, it’s about quality. About data, insights and knowledge. We have been transporting bulk for over 55 years and we are going to carry on doing so. But we are also looking to the future. We want to help our customers perform as optimally and sustainably as possible. Together with our partners, we are going to show that bulk logistics can be better: more reliable, more efficient, more economical and more safe.

We want to approach the supply chain in a smarter way. We will achieve this in the coming years by working together. By investing in our own equipment and in digitisation. This is how we will continue to move forward. As an intermodal bulk transporter of course but, more and more, as a director of the entire logistics chain. We’re not only adding a new chapter to the rich history of Van den Bosch, we’ve got a completely new story to tell.

Rico Daandels,
CEO Van den Bosch

Rico Daandels

Our core values

We work and operate according to our values. We are experts. Not only do we understand our industry inside out, we also have an irresistible passion for it. Our ambition is to use intelligent innovations to inspire positive, sustainable and dependable change in the supply chain.

More intelligence
through innovation

You don’t innovate by wanting to be smarter than others, you do it by being smarter with others.

Van den Bosch knows only one direction: forwards. That’s why we think differently to others. We operate differently from others. We innovate not for innovation’s sake but to make a real difference every day. Not just on paper but in practice. By combining logistical knowledge and experience with the unprecedented possibilities of data, technology and automation, we, our employees and our customers are in a state of constant evolution.

by expertise

Whatever the country, whatever the language, we know our industry inside out.

At Van den Bosch you will find numerous disciplines. However much individuals stand out in their own field, we all have one thing in common: every one of us is driven by expertise. From driver to planner. From data analyst to customer service specialist. We share our knowledge, we love to learn and we use initiative to reinforce our position as the name in bulk – together.

through ambition

Whoever wants to improve themselves makes progress every day.

Good can be better. Reliable can be more reliable. Green can be greener. Smart can be smarter. Every day we raise the bar. This entrepreneurial attitude has been in our DNA since 1964. To achieve these things, we give employees the room they need, we promote promising developments and we share our knowledge. Yes, we are ambitious and entrepreneurial. And we have an affinity with people, projects and concepts who share that spirit.

from passion

Passion is the fuel which takes us, our customers and the world further.

We at Van den Bosch all love what we do every day. That’s why we are so proud of our industry and our perspective on it. We’ll never tire of talking about it. Our passion for smart, innovative and sustainable solutions is irresistible. It’s how, together, we guarantee quality. To employees, customers, end-users and society at large.

We are
Van den Bosch
International bulk logistics
service provider with a purpose

We are the experts. We don’t just understand our industry, we have an irresistible passion for it. Our ambition is to drive positive, sustainable and reliable change in the supply chainthrough intelligent innovation.

Logistics is no longer simply about transport. We believe it’s also about data, insights and knowledge. By approaching the supply chain in a smarter way, Van den Bosch is driving change within the sector. Hardly surprising, then, that we’re known as The Supply Changer in Bulk.

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“The more data we receive, the more insights we get from it“

Van den Bosch Marrit Hopmans - Data Manager